Mannequins (released June 2017 on Skirl)

For the month of December 2017 only, there are several extra tracks that you can free-stream/preview....enjoy.

Mannequins was supported by New Music USA. Visit my project page HERE.



More recently- here's a video Don Mount took of my new quartet playing some new music for the first time at the Jazz Gallery...



I play on Matt Mitchell's record A Pouting Grimace, which came out September 2017 - you can check it here. The music is nuts.



Snark Horse on bandcamp

Denial and Error on bandcamp


Hear some additional Snark Horse here, recorded live at the Stone by Joe Branciforte during Matt Mitchell's March 2016 residency.




Dustin Carlson - guitar & compositions
Kate Gentile - drums & compositions


with Matt Mitchell's band Phalanx Ambassadors:



more Phalanx here.