::: 2021 :::

Chris Tordini/Jon Irabagon/Kate Gentile - EEAAII

out March 5th!




September 8-12 is Matt Mitchell's week @ the Stone at the New School - *****CANCELLED (due to covid-19)*****

-limited capacity to allow for proper social distancing
-properly worn mask required for both musicians & audience 
-there will be no wind instruments or vocals (ie, aerosol-producing instruments)

nights I play, each at 8:30pm:

9/8- Matt Mitchell, Craig Taborn, & Kate Gentile

9/10- Phalanx Trio plus Tim Berne:  
Matt Mitchell (piano, compositions)
Kim Cass (bass)
Kate Gentile (drums)
Tim Berne (alto sax)

9/12- Phalanx Ambassadors
Matt Mitchell (piano, compositions)
Miles Okazaki (guitar)
Patricia Brennan (vibes)
Kim Cass (bass)
Kate Gentile (drums, percussion)

(full week details at the stone calender site)

October 31 @ The Stone Brooklyn at HappyLuckyNo.1 - *****CANCELLED (due to covid-19)*****

(a new project by KG and Matt Mitchell)

-limited capacity to allow for proper social distancing
-properly worn mask required for both musicians & audience 
-there will be no wind instruments or vocals (ie, aerosol-producing instruments)



March 6 @ The Stone
w/Miles Okazaki + Steve Cardenas, Jerome Harris 


February 4 @ SEEDS::Brooklyn
Find Letter X

*Mannequins scores release*

January 24 @h0l0
Find Letter X

drumXdrum: a festival of polyrhythms



Tuesday, November 26 @ THE SULTAN ROOM
“BATTERIE” series:  

Snark Horse feat. Jon Irabagon

Jon Irabagon - woodwinds
Matt Mitchell - Rhodes & compositions
Kate Gentile - drums & compositions

9pm, 2 sets.  doors at 8. $12

>> details & tickets <<

Monday, November 25 @ THE SULTAN ROOM
“BATTERIE” series:  

Phalanx Trio

Matt Mitchell - rhodes & compositions
Kim Cass - bass
Kate Gentile - drums & compositions

9pm, 2 sets.  doors at 8. $12

>> details & tickets <<

Saturday, November 2 @ Scholes Studio 
-Polyfold Presents Series-
Find Letter X

Jeremy Viner - tenor, clarinet
Matt Mitchell - piano
Kate Gentile - drums and compositions

Sunday, October 27 @ Three's Brewing
Find Letter X

Jeremy Viner - tenor, clarinet
Matt Mitchell - piano
Kim Cass - bass
Kate Gentile - drums and compositions

*with Horse Torso and Brandon Seabrook solo*
$15 at the door

Friday & Saturday, October 18-19 @ SOUTH Jazz Kitchen, Philadelphia
Dave Douglas Devotion Trio

Dave Douglas  - trumpet and compositions
Uri Caine - piano
Kate Gentile - drums

(gig listings are in video in onion form)

September 5 @ The Jazz Gallery
Anna Webber's Septet (Clockwise) 7:30 & 9:30

Anna Webber - tenor/flute, compositions
Jeremy Viner - tenor
Jacob Garchik - trombone
Chris Hoffman - cello
Matt Mitchell - piano
Chris Tordini - bass
Kate Gentile - drums

Wednesday August 21 @ Branded Saloon
Davy Lazar's CLOB aka Pluto's Lawyer

Davy Lazar - trumpet and compositions
Kate Gentile - drums

Thursday August 15 @ The Owl
Jon Crompton CD release

Jon Crompton - alto and compositions
Patrick Briener - tenor
Ingrid Laubrock - tenor
Adam Hopkins - bass
Kate Gentile - drums

Saturday August 10 @ The Owl
Find Letter X

Jeremy Viner - tenor, clarinet
Matt Mitchell - piano
Kim Cass - bass
Kate Gentile - drums and compositions

Sunday August 4 @ Shapeshifter
Steve Williams Tiny Tree

Caroline Davis -alto
Theo Walentiny - piano
Steve Williams - bass/compositions
Kate Gentile - drums

Monday July 29 @ Ibeam
Find Letter X + Good for Cows

Find Letter X:
Jeremy Viner - tenor, clarinet
Matt Mitchell - piano
Kim Cass - bass
Kate Gentile - drums and compositions

Good for Cows:
Devin Hoff - bass
Ches Smith - drums

Friday, July 26 @ The Jazz Gallery

Tim Berne - alto/compositions
Matt Mitchell - piano
Kate Gentile - drums

Thursday, July 25 @ HappyLuckyNo. 1
Wendy Eisenberg Trio

Wendy Eisenberg - guitar/compositions
Jeremy Viner - tenor
Kate Gentile - drums

**Dave Douglas ENGAGE Europe tour**

July 14 Lausanne, Switzerland | Festival de la Cité | Details
July 16 Munich, Germany | Unterfahrt Jazzclub | Details
July 17 Warsaw, Poland | Pardon To Tu | Details
July 18 Cologne, Germany | Stadtgarten | Details
July 21 London, England | The Jazz Cafe | Details

Thursday, July 11 @ Spectrum
Pluto's Lawyer aka CLOB

Davy Lazar - trumpet & compositions
Kate Gentile - drums


hope to see u!





+++++++ past/archives +++++++

Wednesday, June 26 @ Three's Brewing
Rick Parker Bian Tai Quartet

Michal Attias- alto
Rick Parker - trombone/electronics
Simon Jermyn - bass
Kate Gentile- drums

Tuesday, June 25 @ Greenwich House 
Sound It Out:  Monk on Guitars 2

Guitars: Andy Summers, Miles Okazaki, Nick Millevoi, David Gilmore, Steve Cardenas, Ricardo Grilli & Harvey Valdes 
Bass: Michael Formanek, Stephan Crump & Jerome Harris
Drums: Francisco Mela, Richie Barshay & Kate Gentile

Wednesday, June 19 @ Branded Saloon 
Dustin Carlson's Lingua Alta

Caroline Davis -alto Sax
Charlotte Grieve -alto Sax
Michaël Attias -alto Sax
Kate Gentile -drums
Dustin Carlson -bass VI

Sunday June 16 @ Brooklyn Conservatory, 8pm
EtM Composition Residency Public Program

Jeremy Viner- tenor/clarinets
Matt Mitchell - piano/prophet6
Kim Cass - acoustic & electric bass
Kate Gentile - drums & compositions

*We will be playing compositions created with the support of the EtM Con Edison Composer Residencies, administered by
Exploring the Metropolis. 



three nights:  May 21-23 (Tuesday-Thursday)

new music, 2 sets each night

Jeremy Viner- tenor/clarinets
Matt Mitchell - piano/prophet6
Kim Cass - acoustic & electric bass
Kate Gentile - drums & compositions 


Tuesday, April 30 @ Barbes
w/Michaël Attias
Michaël Attias - alto sax & compositions
Santiago Leibson - keyboard
Rick Parker - trombone
Dustin Carlson - guitar
Simon Jermyn - bass
Kate Gentile -  drums

Tuesday thru Friday, April 23-26, @ South Philly Barbacoa (Philadelphia)
part of Steve Coleman's 6 month residency

7-9pm each night

Friday, April 19 & Saturday, April 20 @ The Stone BROOKLYN
*New Brooklyn location of The Stone in Brooklyn is at HappyLuckyNo1, 734 Nostrand Avenue*
Dave Douglas: ENGAGE

Dave Douglas - trumpet
Anna Webber - tenor/flute
Tomeka Reid - cello
Miles Okazaki - guitar
Nick Dunston - bass
KG - drums

Tuesday, April 9 @ Roulette, 8pm
Gabe Zucker

Gabriel Zucker - piano
Joanna Mattrey - viola
Meaghan Burke - cello
Yuma Uesaka - clarinet
Nolan Tsang - trumpet
Kate Gentile - drums

Sunday, March 31 @  Brooklyn Conservatory
INSDE OUT series:
Dustin Carlson's AIR CEREMONY

Michaël Attias - alto sax
Danny Gouker - trumpet
Eric Trudel - bari
Dustin Carlson - guitar & compositions
Adam Hopkins - bass
Kate Gentile -  drums

Saturday, March 23 @  The Jazz Gallery 
 ~secret people~
Nathaniel Morgan - alto sax
Dustin Carlson - guitar
Kate Gentile -  drums

Wednesday, March 6 @ Balboa
Dustin Carlson's Lingua Alta
-A.E. Randolph Presents-

Caroline Davis -alto Sax
Charlotte Grieve -alto Sax
Michaël Attias -alto Sax
Kate Gentile -drums
Dustin Carlson -bass VI

Tuesday, Feb 26 @ the Jazz Gallery
Nick Dunston's Truffle Pig
Nick Dunston -bass
David Leon -alto saxophone
Noah Becker -alto saxophone
Ben Rolston -bass
Lesley Mok -drums
Kate Gentile -drums


Wednesday, Feb 6 @ Nublu 151
Matt Nelson - tenor
Ava Mendoza - guitar
Matt Mitchell - rhodes & compositions
Kate Gentile -  drums & compositions


Saturday, January 19 @  The Jazz Gallery
Davy Lazar - trumpet
Kim Cass - bass
Matt Mitchell - piano & compositions
Kate Gentile -  drums & compositions

Wednesday, January 16 @  Branded
 ~secret people~
Nathaniel Morgan - alto sax
Dustin Carlson - guitar
Kate Gentile -  drums

Friday, January 4 @ Spectrum
Snark Horse 

Brandon Seabrook -  banjo
Matt Mitchell -  piano & compositions
Kate Gentile -  drums &  compositions

vvvvvvvv 2018 vvvvvvvv

Wednesday December 19 @ Arete Gallery
Gabriel Zucker WEIGHTING

Gabriel Zucker (piano)
Adam O'Farrill (trumpet)
Eric Trudel (saxophone)
Kate Gentile (drums)


Tuesday, December 11 @ Nublu

Matt Mitchell - piano
Patricia Brennan - vibraphone
Miles Okazaki - guitar
Kim Cass - bass
KG - drums 


Sunday, December 2 @ Ibeam
Pluto's Lawyer

Davy Lazar -  trumpet & compositions
KG - drums


Gabriel Zucker WEIGHTING Record  release tour

Wednesday, November 28
Twins Jazz, Washington DC

Thursday, November 29
An Die Musik, Baltimore MD

Gabriel Zucker (piano), Adam O'Farrill (trumpet), Xavier Del Castillo (saxophone), Kate Gentile (drums) 


Monday, November 26 @ St Peter's Church
w/Dave Douglas
LIVING EARTH concert benefiting the Natural Resources Defense Council


Dave Douglas -  trumpet & compositions
Anna Webber - flute/tenor
Tomeka Reid - cello
Jeff Parker - guitar
Nick Dunston - bass
KG - drums 


Tuesday, November 13 @ Ibeam
Pluto's Lawyer

Davy Lazar -  trumpet & compositions
KG - drums 


Wednesday, November 7 @ Three's Brewing
**Dustin Carlson's AIR CEREMONY CD release**

Dustin Carlson - guitar & compositions
Nathaniel Morgan - alto
Danny Gouker - trumpet
Eric Trudel - bari sax
Adam Hopkins - bass
KG - drums


Tuesday, November 6 @ Korzo 
(4/5 of) Matt Mitchell's PHALANX AMBASSADORS

Matt Mitchell - piano
Patricia Brennan - vibraphone
Kim Cass - bass
KG - drums 



Friday, November 2 @ Nublu
Rick Parker Band

Rick Parker- trombone/electronics
Michael Attias- alto sax
Simon Jermyn- bass
KG - drums 

Thursday, October 25 @ An die Musik, Baltimore
Mario Pavone Trio

Mario Pavone - bass & compositions
Angelica Sanchez - piano
KG - drums


Wednesday, October 10 at LunÀtico 
Miles Okazaki  / music of MONK

Miles Okazaki - guitar
KG - drums


Sunday, October 7 @ Outskirts Music Series

d.uSt1n c4R|-s0n - gu i+.@r
|\|@+#4|\|.13L |\/|0r-g@n - $@*
k@+.3 g3|\|+1|_3 -  dR-u|\/|$


Saturday, October 6 @ Scholes studio 8pm
davy lazar's PLUTO'S LAWYER

Davy Lazar - trumpet &compositions
KG - drums




September 11 (Tuesday)

New music for a new nonet. Divergent multiple layers of grooves, interlocking groups of instruments, lots of wide open playing. 

Jonathan Finlayson - trumpet
Ben Gerstein - trombone
Jeremy Viner - clarinet, bass clarinet, oboe
Joanna Mattrey - viola
Wendy Eisenberg - tenor banjo, acoustic guitars, electric guitar 
Matt Mitchell - piano
Chris Tordini - bass
Kim Cass - bass
Kate Gentile - drums

September 12 (Wednesday)

Chamber Music
Fully notated music, all premieres. Violin/piano, solo percussion, cello/piano

Matt Mitchell - piano
Miranda Cuckson - violin
Mariel Roberts - cello
Kate Gentile - percussion

September 15 (Saturday)

New music for a new electric ensemble. Psychedelic, heavy, loud, electric

Jon Irabagon - sopranino, soprillo, and tenor sax
Ed Rosenberg - tenor and bass sax
Wendy Eisenberg - electric guitar
Matt Mitchell - synthesiszers
Kim Cass - electric bass
Kate Gentile - drums


Monday Sept 10 @ The Jazz Gallery
David Adewumi w/ Adam O’Farrill, Davy Lazar:
Beheld (7:30pm)

Dave Adewumi - trumpet
Adam O'Farrill - trumpet
Davy Lazar - trumpet
Dean Torrey - bass
Kate Gentile - drums


Wednesday July 25th @ Bar LunAtico
Miles Okazaki Trio - music of MONK

Miles Okazaki - guitar
Chris Tordini- bass
KG - drums


Wednesday  July 18 @ Balboa (AE Randolph Presents)
Davy Lazar's Pluto's Lawyer

Davy Lazar - trumpet &compositions
KG - drums

Saturday July 7 @ Shrine 
Arun Luthra & Andy Sugg:  Igor's Groove

Arun Luthra & Andy Sugg - saxophones
Martha Kato - piano
Evan Gregor - bass
KG - drums


Saturday June 30 @ National Sawdust
John Zorn COBRA

Ava Mendoza, guitar
Wendy Eisenberg, guitar
Zeena Parkins; keyboards, electric harp
Sylvie Courvoisier, piano
Annie Gosfield, keyboards
Ikue Mori, electronics
Okkyung Lee, cello
Kirsten Lamb, bass
Sae Hashimoto; vibes, percussion
Ches Smith, percussion
Kate Gentile, drums
Mareike Wiening, drums
John Zorn, prompter

Saturday June 9 @ Alphaville
Cloud Becomes Your Hand

(Northside Festival)


Friday June 8 @ The Owl
Dustin Carlson's AIR CEREMONY
dustin carlson - guitar
danny gouker - trumpet
nathaniel morgan - alto
michael attias - bari
adam hopkins - bass
kg - drums


Tuesday June 5 @ Korzo 10:30pm
Davy Lazar - trumpet & insane compositions
Matt Mitchell - piano
KG - drums

Friday June 1 
@The Stone the New School, 8:30pm
Marty Ehrlich - SHARDS

Marty Ehrlich - reeds
Angelica Sanchez - piano
KG - drums
with special guest Ray Anderson (trombone)

Thurs May 24
@Hanks Saloon
God Is my Co-Pilot

Weds May 16  
(series a.c.k.a. 'ae randolph presents') MATT MITCHELL/KATE GENTILE

drums + modular synth duo!!!!

Sunday May 13  
@wonders of nature
Secret People

dustin carlson & kate gentile &
MYSTERY SECRET 3rd Person to be revealed.....!

Wednesday May 9  
@The Nest (Bluebird) in Lefferts/Flatbush


Friday May 4  

Davy Lazar's music for trumpet + drums

Sunday April 29
@ Brooklyn Conservatory of Music
Phalanx Trio + Matt Nelson

part of the Inside Out Series

Matt Mitchell - piano/compositions
Kim Cass - piano/compositions
Kate Gentile - drums/compositions
Matt Nelson - tenor sax

Friday April 27  
@The Jazz Gallery
Snark Horse w/Mat Maneri, Jon Irabagon & Ben Gerstein

Tuesday April 24  
@ The Armory on Park

Artist's Studio
blood.blues: a remembrance

Wednesday March 28  
@happylucky no1
Snark Horse w/Brandon Seabrook (set 1):

Matt Mitchell - piano + compositions
Kate Gentile - drums + compositions
Brandon Seabrook - guitar/banjo


Matt Mitchell's PHALANX AMBASSADORS (set 2)

Patricia Brennan - vibes/marimba
Miles Okazaki - guitar
Matt Mitchell - piano/compositions
Kim Cass - bass
KG - drums



Tuesday Feb 27 
w/Michael Attias, Fred Lonberg-Holm, &Brandon Lopez

Sunday Feb 11 @ Noise Workshop

God Is My Co-Pilot
7pm- Sandy Ewen
7:30- God Is My Co-Pilot

Saturday, Jan 27 
the return of GOD IS MY CO-PILOT


Saturday, Jan 13 
@the New School 2nd floor

Kate Gentile New Quartet


Friday Dec. 8 @ Spectrum

Matt Nelson/Kate Gentile duo


Tuesday, November 28th @ The Jazz Gallery
Kate Gentile New Quartet

Jeremy Viner - tenor
Matt Mitchell - piano
Kim Cass - bass
Kate Gentile - drums, compositions

7:30 & 9:30pm

Two sets of all new music!!!


Sunday November 26th @ The Legion

Yoni Kretzmer / Jon Irabagon / Shayna Dulberger / Chris Welcome / KG

Oct 10th @ Ibeam: Jon Crompton Quintet + Secret People

8pm Jon Crompton/Ingrid Laubrock/Patrick Briener/Adam Hopkins/KG

9pm Secret People = Dustin Carlson/KG


Tues Oct 3rd @ The Silent Barn

8pm Friends Of Reason: 

Dustin Carlson- guitar
Jeremy Viner - tenor
Kim Cass - bass
KG - drums, compositions

with Bangladeafy, Brandon Seabrook, Martin Bisi

Sat, Sept 30th - City of Asylum, Pittsburgh
8pm Tim Berne/Matt Mitchell/Kate Gentile

for MANNEQUINS (Skirl 037, June 2017)

June 13 @ Korzo, Brooklyn10:30pm
Jeremy Viner - tenor/clarinet
Matt Mitchell - piano
Adam Hopkins - bass
KG - drums & compositions


Saturday May 20th @ the Jazz Gallery
Phalanx trio (Matt Mitchell, Kim Cass, KG)

Tuesday May 16 @ Sunnyvale (Williamsburg)
Will Mason - Happy Place (with Andrew Smiley, Will Chapin, KG)

Wednesday, May 3rd @ Three's Brewing
Will Mason - Happy Place (with Andrew Smiley, Will Chapin, KG)

Thursday April 6 @ happylucky
CHOPPER (Nathaniel Morgan/Kate Gentile/Dustin Carlson)

Sunday March 30 @ muchmore's
Secret People (Kate Gentile/Dustin Carlson)
with Andrew Smiley solo & polish Space Trio

Sunday March 12 @ LEGION
Secret People (Kate Gentile/Dustin Carlson)

February 22 @ NATIONAL SAWDUST 7pm

tickets & more details

The Stone Commissioning Series: Matt Mitchell

with Tyshawn Sorey, Kim Cass, Kate Gentile, Dan Weiss, Ches Smith, Patricia Brennan, Katie Andrews, Anna Webber, Jon Irabagon, Ben Kono, Sara Schoenbeck, Scott Robinson

February 17 @ IBEAM

Kate Gentile/Jeremy Viner 8pm

Marc Hannford Trio 9:15pm(w/Simon Jermyn, Satoshi Takeishi)

January 22 @ Kensington House Series
(Nathaniel Morgan/Dustin Carlson/Kate Gentile)

January 6 2017

Caroline Davis Quartet @ Harvard
w Jeb Bishop, Nate McBride, KG


Wednesday, Dec 28 @ Rye, 9pm

**new Kate Gentile Quartet - ALL NEW MUSIC**

Jeremy Viner - tenor
Matt Mitchell - Prophet 6
Kim Cass - bass
Kate Gentile - drums

& Alan Bjorklund Group @ 10pm

December 8th @ HALYARDS

I play in 2 bands this night-

Dustin Carlson's band AIR CEREMONY:

Dustin Carlson - guitar
Nathaniel Morgan - alto sax
Danny Gouker - trumpet
Eric Trudel - bari
Adam Hopkins - bass
Matt Mitchell - Prophet 6
KG- drums

And also in HORSE PHALANX:

Matt Mitchell - Prophet 6
Kim Cass - bass
KG - drums

Thursday Nov 17 - Spying@theOWL

8pm Dustin Carlson's Air Ceremony

Sunday November 13 @ The STONE, 8pm
Marty Ehrlich Stone residency:

Marty Ehrlich - sax, clarinet, flute
Angelica Sanchez - piano
Kate Gentile - drums

November 15-18
Dustin Carlson's AIR CEREMONY east coast mini tour

15- Baltimore @ The Wind Up Space
16- Richmond @ Balliceaux
17- Brooklyn @ The Owl

Saturday, October 22
JOHN ZORN Bagatelles Marathon @ National Sawdust


matt mitchell - piano
kim cass - bass
kate gentile - drums

Saturday, October 15 @ Home Audio
Dustin Carlson's AIR CEREMONY

Sunday, September 25 @ Ben Cohen's/Kensington Improvisers Collective

Jon Crompton's band with:

Jon Crompton - alto sax + compositions
Ingrid Laubrock - tenor sax
Patrick Breiner - tenor sax
Adam Hopkins - bass
Kate Gentile - drums

Wednesday September 7 @ Three's Brewing
part of Josh Sinton's series
Three Concentric Sections, #18

CHOPPER - 10pm
Nathaniel Morgan - alto sax
Dustin Carlson - guitar
Kate Gentile - drums

Thursday, August 18 3 @ ibeam

Brian Drye - trombone
Charlotte Greve - alto
Stephanie Richards - trumpet
Justin Carroll - keyboards
Simon Jermyn - bass
Kate Gentile - drums

8pm, tunes by all

Saturday, July 23 @ home audio 10pm

Nathaniel Morgan - alto sax
Dustin Carlson - guitar
KG - drums

Saturday July 23 8pm @ The Owl

Ed Pastorini trio with Oren Bloedow and Kate Gentile

Ed - guitar/piano/voice & songs
Oren - bass
Kate - drums

Tuesday, July 12 @ KORZO, 10pm

Matt Mitchell - piano/compositions
Kim Cass - bass/compositions
Kate Gentile - drums/compositions

Friday, July 8@ The Owl, 9pm

Matt Mitchell - piano/compositions
Kim Cass - bass/compositions
Kate Gentile - drums/compositions

Tuesday, April 19 @ KORZO

Jeremy Viner - tenor/clarinet
Matthew Mitchell - piano
Adam Hopkins - bass
Kate Gentile - drums & compositions

Sunday, March 6 @ the Stone

10pm: Phalanx Ambassadors

This is one of three new bands of Matt's. All the new music for those bands is nuts. All the not-new music on his week is also nuts. I'm particularly excited about this band, though.

Miles Okazaki- acoustic and electric guitars
Patty Brennan- vibraphone, marimba
Matt Mitchell- piano, analog synths, compositions
Satoshi Takeishi- percussion
Kim Cass- acoustic and electric basses
Kate Gentile- drums

Wednesday, March 2 @ the Stone

8pm: Kate Gentile - Supergiant

Chris Speed- tenor/clarinet
Hank Roberts- cello
Matt Mitchell- piano
Adam Hopkins- bass
KG- drums, composition

10pm: Snark Horse

Jon Irabgaon- high saxophones
Ben Gerstein- trombone
Mary Halvorson- guitarrr
Matt Mitchell- piano, compositions
Kate Gentile- drums, compositions

Wednesday, January 27
Kate Gentile/Mannequins @ SEEDS::Brooklyn
8:30pm, $10, byo
!-special pre-recording show-!

Jeremy Viner- tenor/clarinet
Adam Hopkins- bass
Matt Mitchell- piano/electronics
KG- drums &compositions

Wednesday, January 20
CHOPPER @ muchmores, 9pm

Chopper is the improvisational lunacy of Nathaniel Morgan (sax), Dustin Carlson (guit), and myself.

also on the bill: The Ghost, Brode/Dulberger/Masri/Spellman, Ackerley/Muntz


Friday December 18
Ross Feller Magic Sextet @ Spectrum
8:30pm, $15

Nick Didkovsky- guitar
Stephanie Richards- trumpet
Michael Lytle- bass clarinet
Max Johnson- bass
KG- drums

Saturday December 12
Angela Morris 4tet @ Firehouse Space
Angela Morris/Jaimie Branch/Aryeh Kobrinsky/KG

also with Weasel Walter/Jaimie Branch duo

Wednesday December 2
eSnark Horse @ RD studios 9pm

This edition of Snark Horse will feature the Prophet 6...what

Ben Gerstein, trombone and Jon Irabagon, saxophones
Matt Mitchell, prophet and KG drums

Tuesday November 24
Snark Horse @ Korzo
Matt Mitchell (piano & compositions)/Kate Gentile (drums & compositions)


Ava Mendoza (guitar)
Ben Gerstein (trombone)
Jon Irabagon (soprano and sopranino sax)
Kim Cass (bass)

Wednesday, November 4

Dustin Carlson- guitar
KG- vibes (!!)
Juan Pablo Carletti- drums
+ special guests!

Wednesday, October 14
Secret People @ Rye

Sunday, October 11
Air Ceremony @ JACK, 8pm

Air Ceremony is Dustin Carlson's band, and this concert will feature:

Dustin Carlson (guitar/compositions)
Mike Baggetta (guitar)
Nathaniel Morgan (alto)
Danny Gouker (trumpet)
KG (drums)

Wednesday, September 16

eSnark Horse @ Rye
Matt Mitchell/Kate Gentile
with Jon Irabagon and Ava Mendoza

September 10-12

**Kate Gentile I-Beam Residency**

night 1 & 2:

Kate Gentile Quartet

Jeremy Viner- clarinet/tenor
Matt Mitchell- piano
Adam Hopkins- bass
KG- drums &compositions

Each night we will play 2 entirely different sets of music. Sets at 8:30 & 10pm.

night 3:


Kate Gentile & Matt Mitchell
with Adam O'Farrill, trumpet

Gentile/Attias/Mitchell/Conly 10pm

Michaël Attias - alto
Matt Mitchell - piano
Sean Conly - bass
KG - drums & compositions

Tuesday, August 25

@ Ibeam w/Jasmine Lovell-Smith Towering Poppies (JLS, Adam Schneit, Cat Toren, Adam Hopkins, KG)

Sunday, August 16

=This night is part of the Sound Minds Music Festival=
(see link for full lineup and tickets)

@ Three's Brewing/Tiny Montgomery

Air Ceremony (Dustin Carlson's quintet)
Danny Gouker/Josh Sinton/Mike Baggetta/Dustin Carlson/Kate Gentile

Kate Gentile Quartet (10pm)
Jeremy Viner/Matt Mitchell/Adam Hopkins/KG

Friday, August 7

SECRET PEOPLE @ Freddy's 10pm

Tuesday, July 21

SECRET PEOPLE @ muchmore's

July 5-18= *NYSMF*

Sunday, June 28

Out of Your Head @ Three's Brewing

Tuesday, June 30

sNark horse ! with jon irabagon @ Korzo

Wednesday, May 6

Helado Negro @ the Kitchen

Tuesday, April 7

Jasmine Lovell-Smith's Towering Poppies @ Shapeshifter Lab

This night will be Jasmine, Cat Toren (piano), Adam Hopkins (bass) and myself, and we will be recording later in the week with this band joined by Josh Sinton.

Wednesday, April 1

w/Helado Negro @ the Silent Barn
trio w Jason Ajemian

Saturday, March 28


Sunday, March 1

SECRET PEOPLE @ the Living Room

Thursday, February 12

w/Matt Mitchell Quartet @ SEEDS::Brooklyn
part of Matt Mitchell residency

Matt Mitchell - piano, compositions
Chris Speed - tenor, clarinet
Chris Tordini - bass
KG - drums (Dan Weiss 2/11, 13, &14)

Monday, February 2

@ 65 Fenimore St

Friday, January 23
@ clemente solo velez

Chris Speed/Trevor Dunn/KG

part of a series curated by Patricia Parker called Black Lives Matter


Wednesday, December 3
@ SEEDS::Brooklyn

8:30pm - Kate Gentile Trio +1

Jeremy Viner - clarinet/tenor
Matt Mitchell - piano/laptop
Adam Hopkins - bass
KG - drums & compositions

Anna Webber Quartet @ 10pm

*Tuesday, October 28*

KORZO Konceptions Series
curated by James Carney

9pm- Kate Gentile Trio
feat. Matt Mitchell (piano) + Adam Hopkins (bass)

10:30pm - SNARK HORSE debut!
Matt Mitchell - piano & compositions
Kate Gentile - drums & compositions
Ben Gerstein - trombone

Monday, August 25
Kate Gentile Trio @ Douglass St 10pm
feat. Matt Mitchell (piano) + Adam Hopkins (bass)
Jon Irabagon will play a solo sopranino set at 9pm!

Sunday, August 24
Out of Your Head @ DSMC

July 5-19
Concerts at NYSMF
-Donny McCaslin + NYSMF faculty
-Select Jazz Ensemble

December 2013-May 2014
*composition residency in Philadelphia*

Saturday, March 29 8pm
Dustin Carlson Quartet @ IBEAM
dustin carlson/jake henry/josh sinton/kg


Saturday December 14th
Dustin Carlson Quartet @ LaunchPad (Sounds and Sounds)
dustin carlson/jake henry/josh sinton/kg

Wednesday, December 4th
concert w Anthony Braxton Wesleyan ensemble in CT

Wednesday, November 13th
duo w Marty Ehrlich @ the Stone

September 20th
Christina & the Creature Dance Performance with music by Dustin Carlson
w Dustin Carlson, Brad Henkel, Jake Henry, Jessica Ackerly, KG

April 19-21
Anna Webber Percussive Mechanics east coast tour

Wednesday April 17
Anna Webber Band @ Cornelia St.

April 11-13
Asphalt Orchestra in Chicago

Sunday, April 7
Out of Your Head Brooklyn @ Freddy's

April 4-6
Asphalt Orchestra in Virginia

Monday, March 25 | 9pm
All The King's Horses @ Sycamore

Sunday, March 24 | 10pm
Towering Poppies @ DSMC

Thursday, March 21 | 8pm
All The Kings Horse @ Lark

Wednesday, March 13 | 8pm
trio w Dustin Carlson + Adam Hopkins @ Grotto

Tuesday, February 26
killerkate @ Freddy's
(Anna Webber, Dustin Carlson, Devin Gray)

Wednesday, February 20
SLAP @ Barbes, 8pm
(Dustin Carlson, Matt Mitchell, KG)
part of the Palimpsestic Series, curated by Oscar Noriega

Wednesday, January 30
Denial and Error @ Barbes, 8pm
part of the Palimpsestic Series, curated by Oscar Noriega

Thursday, January 10
Cowbaby in Montreal
(Anna Webber/Dustin Carlson/KG)


Saturday, Dec 15
Dustin Carlson/Kate Pittman duo @ Freedom Garden

Thursday, Dec 13 | 8pm
Anna Webber/Dusty/KP @ Sycamore

Sunday, Nov 25 | 7pm
Flip City @ Downtown Music Gallery

Friday, Nov 23
Towering Poppies @ IBeam

Wednesday, Nov 14
Matt Giovanni Trio @ Shapeshifter

Sunday, Nov 11 | 7pm
Flip City @ COMA, ABC No Rio

Saturday, Nov 10 | 8:30pm
Flip City @ Launchpad

Sunday, Nov 4 | 11pm
Out of Your Head Collective @ Freddy's

Thursday, Nov 1 | 8:30pm
Dustin Carlson/Kate Pittman duo @ LARK

Wednesday, October 24 | 10pm
Denial and Error @ SEEDS

Sunday, October 21
Towering Poppies @ Cafe Clave, Philadelphia

Friday, October 19 | 9pm
Flip City @ Freddy's

Wednesday, October 3 | 8:30pm
Anna Webber Band @ SEEDS

Monday, October 1 | 10pm
Denial and Error @ Sycamore
feat. Adam Hopkins (bass), Landon Knoblock (rhodes + electronics), and Josh Reed (trumpet + metal)
9pm is Denver General!!!! (Kirk Knuffke, Jonathan Goldberger, and Jeff Davis)

Saturday, September 22
Towering Poppies in Connecticut

Tuesday, September 18 | 9pm
*Towering Poppies CD release at Korzo*

Friday, September 14
Kale Elk house concert @ Mariel's

Saturday, September 8 | 10pm
355 W 35TH ST between 8 and 9 AVE, 3RD Floor
part of Night of Clutter

Wednesday, August 15 | 8pm
Kale Elk in Portland, Maine

Monday, August 13 | 8pm
Flip City @ Local 269
David Aaron - saxophone + compositions
Will MacEvoy - bass

Friday, August 10 | 10pm
with David Schnug's band @ Goodbye Blue Monday

Sunday, August 5 | 9pm
Out of Your Head Collective @ Freddy's

Saturday, August 4 | 10pm
All The King's Horses @ Douglass St
Save the Date #7
8pm- Tom Orange/Sean Ali/Flin van Hemmen
9pm- Kirk Knuffke
10pm- ATKH

Monday July 30 | 8:30pm
All The King's Horses @ Sycamore
(LeBron's brass sextet, feat Kenny Warren, Jake "Coach" Henry, Rick Parker, Jeremy Thal, Ben Stapp, me) >new music<

Sunday, July 29 | 11pm
Danny Gouker, Keisuke Matsuno, Elliot Berman, and myself @ Cafe Orwell

Friday, July 27 | 8pm
Anna Webber Band @ Douglass St
nowt@nite #17

Wednesday, July 25 | 8:30pm
Jasmine Lovell-Smith's Towering Poppies @ SEEDS:Brooklyn
with Josh Reed, Jonathan Goldberger, Pat Reid, and me

Sunday, June 24 | 9pm
Life Squad @ ABC No Rio (Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic, Michael Eaton, Sean Sonderegger, me)

Wednesday, June 20 | 8pm
Impulse Kontrol (Michael Formanek/Kris Davis/me) @ Shapeshifter
then at 9pm is Michael Formanek's Cheating Heart: MF, Jacob Sacks, Chris Speed and Dan Weiss

Sunday, June 17 | 8pm
Kale Elk @ Firehouse Space
double bill w/CaCaw!!!!!!

Friday, June 15 | 8pm
w/Liz Kosack @ GSI studios
double bill w/Taylor Eigsti's trio
no cover

Tuesday, June 12 | 7:30pm
JLS' Towering Poppies CD pre-release
@ the Sidewalk Cafe

Tuesday, June 5 | 10pm
duo w/Jeremy Siskind @ the Kitano
(Jeremy + Rafal Sarnecki duo @ 9pm)

Friday, June 1 | 8pm
w/Josh Reed, Landon Knoblock, and Adam Hopkins, playing music I wrote
@ 285 Midwood

Wednesday, May 30
w/Ben Syverson + Terry McManus @ Freddy's
Saturday, April 28
house show - duo w/Landon Knoblock
*contact me for info if you want to go
will include some amount of new music i wrote.

Friday, April 27 | 8pm
Benefit Concert for Brooklyn Conservatory
w/Kris Davis, Andrew D'Angelo, and Chris Lightcap

Wednesday, April 25 | 7pm
w/Marike Van Dijk @ Somethin' (Miles Cafe)

Thursday, April 19 | 9pm
Dirty Virgin @ Williamsburg Music Center
Brooklyn Speakeasy Music Series
(curated by Jonathan Lindhorst)
also bands by Nico Dann and Adam Hopkins at 9 and 10

Wednesday, April 18 | 10pm
Dirty Virgin @ SEEDS::Brooklyn

Saturday, April 14 | 8pm
JLS' Towering Poppies @ Branded Saloon

Saturday, April 7 | 8pm
Innocent When You Dream (Aaron Shragge's Tom Waits tribute band) @ THINK! (Manhattan)

Friday, April 6th | 5-7pm
@Barbes - happy hour w/Brian Drye, Ben Holmes, Matt Pavolka, etc

Monday, March 19 | 8pm
Kenny Warren's brass quintet @ Sycamore
(Kenny Warren/Jake Henry/Jacob Garchik/
Ben Stapp/yours truly)
....improvised music with brass quintet. yes.

Saturday, March 3
Towering Poppies @ Douglass St

Sunday, Feb 26 | 8pm
Dirty Virgin @ Freddy's
triple bill w/Faster and Cacaw (Landon Knoblock's band with Jeff Davis and special guest Andrew D'Angelo)

Sunday, Feb 19 | 9:30pm
*Out Of Your Head [Brooklyn] kickoff!*
@ Freddy's
w/Jonathan Goldberger/Josh Sinton/Nathaniel Morgan....2nd set is a different awesome band

Friday, Jan 20 | 8pm
Towering Poppies AND Dirty Virgin @ the Launchpad

Monday, Jan 2 | 9pm
Erica Seguine Large Ensemble @ the Tea Lounge

Friday, Nov 25
Dirty Virgin (Jon Lindhorst + Sebastien Ammann + myself) @ IBEAM
+ another band, tba
probably all new music

Friday, Nov 18 | 8pm
Towering Poppies @ Unnameable
(in the basement)

Saturday, Oct 29 | 7pm
Sebastien Ammann, Or Baraket, Jon Lindhorst
@ Ample Hills

Saturday, Oct 22 | 8pm
w/Pablo Moser, Joao Guimaraes, Cat Toren, and Or Baraket @ Unnameable Books (Vanderbilt + St. Marks, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn)

Thursday, Oct 20 | 7pm
w/Erica Sequine Large Ensemble @ Miles Cafe ("Somethin" Jazz Club)

Sunday, Sept 25
w/Erica Seguine Large Ensemble
@ Trumpets

Friday, Sept 16 | 9 and 10 pm
9pm - w/Jasmine Lovell-Smith's Towering Poppies
10pm - w/Dirty Virgin (new bassless trio with Jon Lindhorst and Sebastien Ammann)
@ the LaunchPad, Brooklyn
also, Speed of Three (Patty Franceschy/Rob Martino/Danny Gouker) are playing at 8

Wednesday, Sept 14 | 8:30pm
w/Rocket Farm (Sebastien Ammann/Jon Lindhorst/Jake Henry/Derek Leslie/myself) @ SEEDS, Brooklyn.

Sunday, Aug 21 | tba
w/LL4tet @ the NACC, Niagara Falls

Saturday, Aug 13 | 8pm
Aaron Shragge's Innocent When You Dream @ the LaunchPad, Brooklyn

Tuesday, Aug 9 | 7:30pm
Towering Poppies @ Sam's Bakery, Brooklyn

Saturday, July 23 | 8:30pm
w/Sebastien Ammann/Jon Lindhorst/Jake Henry/Derek Leslie @ Ibeam

Monday, July 18 | 6pm
w/Jasmine Lovell-Smith quartet @ Shrine